Re: [fw-wiz] rule uid in log of CheckPoint

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Subject: Re: [fw-wiz] rule uid in log of CheckPoint

I believe that "rule_uid" is a new feature in NGX R60 and is not available
in previous releases.

I extract log of my checkpoint firewall by fwm logexport command .

On one firewall (NGX R60) I recieve the field "rule_uid" that I need .
But on another (NGX R55) there is no "rule_uid" in extracted log .

What can I do to see rule_uid in logexport output ?

May be it depend by rulebase_uid_in_log property in objects.C ?
How can I set this property . ?

Is rule_uid a different value than the rule number? (e.g. 1,2,3...100+)

If not... If rule_uid is the same as the rule number, it should be available
in text output by opening the logfile(s) in SmartView Tracker and manually
exporting them as text files. There is a Rule field present in R55 (and
probably back to NG/AI and before) when logs are exported this way.


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