Re: [fw-wiz] Skype through a firewall?

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Kevin wrote:

Oh, sorry Citrix Metaframe is the right answer there.

The goal is as much "key staff use Skype at home and on the road, and
want the same contact list and UI when in the office" as it is the
potential for cost savings from free long-distance and dirt cheap
international calling. A Metaframe deployment would eat these savings
for breakfast.

The difference between doing something, and doing it in a secure way is
often "there go the savings." In fact, I question the security of most
approaches that don't meet that standard. This is almost inescapably true
of VoIP deployments in general.

However, the Metaframe option is actually infrastrucutre for stupid
things- so you're buying into a "we're going to do more stupid stuff down
the road, and it won't cost us as much each time" thing.

There's a final alternative, though it's likely to be even more costly
unless you've got real configuration discipline- drop firewalls and go to
100% host security.

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