Re: [fw-wiz] How automate firewall tests

Marcus and Strabla, hope all is well! After considering Marcus's
points, I wondered if perhaps getting a decent baseline standard between the
various vendors might be a useful metric. By using the exact same
applications, or traffic against the different commercially available
firewalls the potential purchaser of such a device may be better informed
when spending their money.
As was stated by Marcus, measuring security is like trying to hold a
drink of water in your hand. You might be able to do it, but someone else is
always going to argue that you did not.
I know that I am wowed when I read vendor A's appliance can do blah,
blah blah, and vendor B's can do that and a whole lot more, but I have never
seen a side by side comparison of the various devices one could choose from.
Slick advertising gets me all the time.
I realize this is getting off the automated topic, but something
like this could help others make a better buying decision. Kind of like a
Road and Track comparison of a Porsche roadster against a BMW against an
American version (I can not think of any American made roadsters).
Strabla, I may be close the same age as Marcus, but his experience
is magnitudes beyond mine. He researches and designs the stuff; I just hide
corporate assets behind them, or try to anyway.
Best of luck with your research and hope that I may have provided
some food for thought for the lurkers.
Most sincerely, Richard Golodner
Rockville, Maryland

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