[fw-wiz] Recamendations on firewalls


I have been using IPcop as a firewall for close to 4 years now, before
then I used a slackware box with a bunch of home made scripts.

Current firewall hardware. Celeron 300 with 128 RAM. 1 10 NIC, 1 10/100 NIC.

I am looking to step up my security and functionality to a higher
level. I am looking at other OSS projects and see quite a few.
Astaro is top of my list right now, but there are so many others.
(m0n0wall, redWall, Endian, etc)

What I do.
This is a home network.
I have some websites hosted, nothing major, small stuff.
I ssh to home, and tunnel squid, vnc, etc through that from work, or
other places.
Sometimes VPN to friends network.

Some functionality I would like to see.
Restricting bandwidth usage. Kind of like squid, but on the firewall.
SSL(Web) VPN. (not a priority)
IDS/IPS capabilities with the bellow
Better logs/reporting with alerts.
Port knocking would be cool
Web based configuration/monitoring.
Handles over 20,000 connections (bit torrent, etc)
Posible virus/spam protection.

Well I gues first question what do people think of Astaro?

Second question, what are suggestions?

And of course the 3rd questions is for comments?

Thank you all!

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