[fw-wiz] New Security Risk Management Solution - Market Feedback Request

Hi list,

We are soon going to be releasing a new security risk management
solution and I would like to find out if anyone on the Firewall Wizards
forum would be interested in providing pre-release feedback on the
solution? We are now exposing the solution to contacts outside of our
beta program and looking to get final feedback on the technology and our
roadmap prior to release.

In summary the solution offers the following capabilities

Pulls in firewall and router config files to draw an accurate network
topography map, network configuration checks (NCC's) are then run on the
configs to check for best practices, mis configurations etc. An
inventory wizard is then run to assign asset values to the devices and
applications within the model. Threat data from a built in threat
reference library containing over 18000 vulnerabilities can then be
applied to to the model to highlight "probable" areas of risk allowing
users to decide where to focus efforts and to mitigate risk before
issues occur. The solution offers a number of unique ways to visualize
data once it has been analyzed to allow information to be sorted quickly
and easily.

The system also pulls in 3rd party data from vulnerability scanners,
patch management systems and other sources. There is also an open API to
allow custom data to be imported.

We are currently looking to get wide market feedback on the supported
devices and roadmap for this product and so if you are willing to be
part of this process please let me know.


Matt Foster
VP of Sales
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