Re: [fw-wiz] ASA routing over VPN (Fixed)

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Actually the issue was much simpler to fix. The remote VPN endpoint was NATing
the non-VPN traffic to my Frame Relay. I just had to NAT my Frame Relay to the
Internet on my ASA

Thanks for all your help!

Craig Van Tassle wrote:
I have a ASA 5510 and its not routing my vpn's properly. I can get from my vpn's
to anywhere on my lan.. but I cant get to the net from my vpn's.
I have 4 VPN tunnels. One over the Internet, and 3 over a Frame relay network.

The Internet one is not working at all.. it connects but does not route any
traffic. The VPN's on my Frame connect but do not route traffic to the Internet.

I'm at a total loss as where to go with this.

Attacked is my current config (ip's and password have been changed)


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