Re: [fw-wiz] Nokia support portal broken?(

Yes, tried that fist :)

The knowledge base appears to be working again, but nothing in the drop
downs. Anyhow, I'll take it up with Nokia. I checked with some others
who are having the same problem, others who don't see any issues. So
I'm going to assume it's a back end issue with the user database.


howard.surtees-wheat@xxxxxx wrote:
Hi James

I know this may sound obvious and apologies if you've already done so.
Have you tried using a different browser? I've checked it thru FireFox and IE and it seems fine today.

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Trying to get some work done with som Nokia IP Appliances with
checkpoint, but the nokia support portal is broken. Nothing comes back
in searches, empty drop downs for the select product, etc.

It's been this way for a week at least, anyone else seeing this? Tried
different systems and put in a ticket with Nokia, but no response from
them on it.

Thanks in advance,


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