Re: [fw-wiz] SNMP RW ASA 7.2.1

What exactly does VMS do that's special so far as communication goes?
Even on older boxen its able to see tunnel traffic - where is it
pulling it from? Its not avialable via SNMP...

I'd like to avoid VMS and use all open-source tools. Not even for
management, really, just monitoring and such.

On 7/19/06, Victor Williams <vbwilliams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm pretty sure they removed RW access because the management interfaces
for the ASA units is now SSH and/or SSL/TLS.

Basically, if you want anything other than logging/alerting remotely
(outside of SSH command line access), you have to use ASDM or Cisco's
new replacement of VMS which lets you manage 7.x ASA and/or PIX units as
well as VPN concentrators.
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