Re: [fw-wiz] DMZ and critical data

I typically suggest replicating the required data to a back-end data DMZ
host. If you have to provide access to it, do it in the most secure means
possible. I could see where this would cause some issues if it has to be
updated real-time from the client, but if you approach it (as you seem to
be) with the idea of never allowing untrusted networks connect to trusted
networks, you are on the right track.

On Fri, 7 Jul 2006, Pedro Henrique Morsch Mazzoni wrote:


I am doing a project of network security to a friend of mine.
We will do a back-to-back DMZ, with a external and a internat firewall.
In our project, only the web and mail servers stay in DMZ.
But the company wants to access a webbased application from the internet.
The webserver needs access to a file and a database server, but the
data on this server is critical.
My sugestion is to put a webserver in the internal network and
configure a Vpn, but it is not possible for the client.
I don´t want to put the file and database servers on the DMZ, put if I
put it on the internal network the webserver on the DMZ has to access
the server, wich compromises my security.

Any sugestions?

Pedro Mazzoni
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