[fw-wiz] 4+ port firewall recommendation, VPN & VoIP capable...

Hi, all--

I've got a client doing commodity-trading software who is considering keeping
his production servers in-house as they go live. Given that they want to
separate their DMZ from internal machines, and might want to setup another
subnet or two to dedicate servers for their initial clients, a while back I'd
recommended that they go with a Cisco PIX 515E.

[ Although both the Nokia IP & SonicWall Rx00 products were also considered,
as (briefly) was rolling your own with OpenBSD, monowall, or similar, but the
client would prefer to get a dedicated appliance with commercial support. ]

Certainly the 515 is still being sold, but I seem to recall hearing around
these parts that this model is being replaced by goodness knows what [1], and
I was wondering if anyone could make some suggestions for a 4-6 port firewall
which can terminate individual VPN access to the various subnets, and plays
nice with an office which is using VoIP phones.

Thanks for your time,

[1]: Cisco's site is reasonably helpful with regard to tech docs, but the
product organization and breakdown is less than ideal. My best guess is that
the PIX 515E is being replaced with the "Cisco ASA 55x0", and I would be
curious to gain feedback about these.
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