Re: [fw-wiz] Noob stuck becomes PIX admin overnight!

I have a PIX 515E v6.3(3) and am running PDM v3.0(1)

The PDM can cause problems so we don't use it.

I need to allow a device (IP on the DMZ
interface to connect to a device (IP on the
inside interface over a range of ports (14441 - 14450).

access-list <name-of-access-list-DMZ> permit tcp host host range 14441 14450
access-group <name-of-access-list-DMZ> in interface

Replace the names between "<" and ">" with names that apply to your
configuration. You may already have an access-group statement for your
DMZ interface but that is what applies it to the interface!

I have the skills to modify my current config using the
terminal, I can remove and modify, but I don't have the
skills to create yet. Could anyone configure the lines that I
could use to allow this?

Good luck!
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