Re: [fw-wiz] Anyone out there running PIX 515 ? - Trying todetermne newest IOS I can run

I am running v.7 on my 515. The only issue I had was to upgrade to 64MB
- easy enough fix.
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todetermne newest IOS I can run

Hi Charles,

Not entirely the same, but I've recently upgraded a 535 to version 7.
I've just checked the release notes, and they say that it is possible to
install version 7 for a 515, with the following requirements:

Min. Software Requirements: PIX version 6.2. If running on a version
prior to 6.2, you must first upgrade to 6.2 before upgrading to version
Min. Memory: 64MB for Restricted (R) licence. 128MB for Unrestricted
(UR) or Failover (FO) licences. I think the 515 (by default) had 32MB
for R licences, and 64MB for UR and FO, so you may need to upgrade here.

Everything else should be fine.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

James Burns
Network & Security Advisor
University of Sunderland

On 17/06/06, Charles Norton <cnorton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have noticed that Cisco shows up to a version 7.2(1) version
now of the IOS for the PIX 515 and a corresponding 5.2(1) of the ASDM.

Without a CCO I cannot get into their site to verify this and to
grab the newest updates if they exist - anyone have any idea about this?

Anyone used those versions before on the PIX 515?



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