Re: [fw-wiz] WebDAV on Symantec 5400


This is really not too bad to do. Just keep in mind if you are on 2.x be
sure to patch to -current because there was a 2.x update that broke the
SGS's ability to properly handle SVN data. The nice part is that it is as
easy as turning on webdav.

Aaron J. Bedra

On 6/16/06 11:12 AM, "Johann_van_Duyn@xxxxxxx" <Johann_van_Duyn@xxxxxxx>


Leave it to the pros, man...

Don't muck about with Symantec (or any other) firewalls if you don't know
what you're doing... rather get an experienced Symantec firewall
administrator or "engineer" to help you do it.

If the customer has Platinum Support with Symantec, log a call with them,
and they should be able to advise you... otherwise, try a Symantec
reseller or services organization. Anyway, if the customer is running SGS
2.x on their 5400 series product, they really should upgrade to 3.x with
the latest patches. This also is best left to the professionals.

If you don't know what you're doing with a Symantec firewall, it's
surprisingly easy to screw things up... and then the firewall gets the
blame, which is just not fair.


-- Johann van Duyn

16/06/2006 13:37
Scott Sauyet <lists@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Re: [fw-wiz] WebDAV on Symantec 5400

Mark wrote:
I need to help a client configure their firewall, a Symantec 5400, to
allow WebDAV traffic (or at least the subset of WebDAV used by
Subversion.) But I know nothing about configuring firewalls.

If you are using version 2.x on the SGS, you will find what you are
for under Location Settings\Advanced\Proxies\HTTP properties page. Not
about 3.x.

I'll try that when I'm back with the client next week. Symantec
documentation seems hard to come by.

Thank you very much for your help.

-- Scott

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