Re: [fw-wiz] WebDAV on Symantec 5400

Johann_van_Duyn@xxxxxxx wrote:
Leave it to the pros, man...

Don't muck about with Symantec (or any other) firewalls if you don't know
what you're doing... rather get an experienced Symantec firewall
administrator or "engineer" to help you do it. [ ... ]

Thanks for the advice. I really don't know what I'm doing here, and I
don't know how much the network administrator who's using it knows.
What I do know is that we need Subversion working in the next several
business days, and it looks as though firewall configuration is the
current issue. I will ask if they have a good support level.

Anyway, if the customer is running SGS 2.x on their 5400 series
product, they really should upgrade to 3.x with the latest patches.
This also is best left to the professionals.

Again, all I know is that he said is was a Symantec 5400. I personally
don't know if that represents hardware, software, or some combination of
the two. Maybe it's best left to the pros. I know that he manages it
through some Java Webstart application.

Thanks for your help,

-- Scott

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