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I'm fond of SL4NT (Syslog for NT). It's a rule based syslog server.
When one of our circuits drops, our ISDN backup connects. I have SL4NT
use a regex string to search for those events and send the network
admins an email when it sees one. It sends another email when the ISDN
disconnects (usually meaning, the circuit is back up).

SL4NT is $100 and has been rock stable for me for three to four years


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I have Nagios installed on a machine, along with Cacti, but they're
wanting more granular knowledge of when it was up and when it was down
(and we need a syslog server anyway). I'm almost positive the devices
will send a specific enough message to isolate the customer.

Until I get this up and running, and probably after, I am monitoring the
peer devices... but its mostly for alerts.

On 6/15/06, Larry Pitcher <pitcherl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You could set up a system like Nagios that would regularly ping a host

on the other end of the tunnel and keep track of up / down time.

Larry Pitcher
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