[fw-wiz] VPN to Netgear FVS318 v2.4

Hello All

We have a 20 bit subnet mask ( aka 0.0 thru 15.255), We're
trying to setup a VPN to a Netgear FVS318 v2.1 but can't get Phase 2 to
come up for our entire subnet. We can bring up a VPN to a single host
in our subnet, or to a Class C section ( x.x.x.1 to x.x.x.255), but not
our 20bit mask (x.x.0.1 to x.x.15.255)

The Netgear requires a start and end address (not a subnet and mask) on
its VPN settings. We've tried all combinations. The netgear side is
odd, for the Class C it takes 1 to 255 as beginning and end address, not
to 254. I tried all different combinations with the remote Netgear
admin, and got nothing.

I've asked him to upgrade to the lastest firmware (v2.4)

Has anyone ever setup a VPN to this model Netgear?

Todd M. Simons
IT Supervisor
Delphi Technology, Inc
New Brunswick, NJ

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