Re: [fw-wiz] Appropriate PIX logging level

On Sat, 6 May 2006, ArkanoiD wrote:


Well, i just want paranoid "better fail than miss" approach to be implemented.
At least optionally.

I know syslog is generally "reliable enough", but..

I definantly agree that there are times when you want the 'fail if you
can't log it' approach, but I would disagree that syslog should do this.

'fail if you can't log' can be a very expensive thing to do. Taken to it's
logical conclusion you need acknowledgement that it's stored to survive a
reboot, which means either on magnetic media or battery backed cache. on
magnetic media is _very_ expensive performance wise, and isn't even
possible with most IDE drives out there. battery backed cache is expensive
in $$.

given all the different things that use syslog, I wouldn't want to pay
these sorts of costs for all of them (however I would be willing to pay it
for some types of logs)

David Lang

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