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Subject: Re: [fw-wiz] Appropriate PIX logging level

David Lang wrote:
I was actually just starting to look into this, I'm being blasted by
the messages from the pix when it rejects a broadcast packet (I'm
getting 43,000 log entries per day based on the firewalls rejecting
each server that's in a HA configuration and useing broadcast udp
packets for their heartbeat, that adds up to a LOT of log entries when
there are several dozen such clusters)

If what you need is for the PIX to handle but not log certain policy events,
use 'log disable' in your ACLs:

access-list acl_inside deny udp any eq 694 log disable

But, I think this is a bad idea for a number of reasons. First, this is not
a lot of data. 43K syslog events from a PIX is going to be less than 10MB
of actual data before parsing or compression. Even on a P2 running NT and
Kiwi, this is not a lot of data.

Second, making these events disappear will skew any firewall performance
statistics that you may want to do with these logs.

Third, even if these events aren't individually important, the volume of
them could be, specifically drastic and sudden changes in that volume.

Log data is all contextual. To throw out even mundane events is to
literally miss the whole picture and will probably come back to bite you
later. Just my unsolicited $0.02.


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