[fw-wiz] Ping between PIX remote peers

I have the following scenario -|router|-----/dsl/----| |

|PIx|--------- behind pix) -|router|----/dsl/-----| |

- 2 routers connected to the pix using ipsec through internet

- both 192.168.50 & 51 networks can ping the 172.16.10.x network

- I want to have communication between the 192.168.50.x &
192.168.51.x networks

- i added the ---> and ---> traffic to the vpn's access lists on the 3 ciscos,,,
there are no "proxy errors" in the crypto debug... but there are no
communication :(

is this possiblle? I read something about "split tunnel"
configurations, can be used here?

Thanks in advance
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