Re: [fw-wiz] Assessment Of GoToMyPC vs. Network Security

On 4/7/06, Jim Seymour <jseymour@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Nice in theory. Doesn't appear to work in practice. We have, for
example, employees that must be able to add new WLANs when they're on
the road. Lack of "Administrator" access apparently precludes this.
Ran into another one today. Volo View (an AutoCAD viewer application)
insists on trying to modify the system registry. So if the end-user
doesn't have "Admin," or at least "Power User," rights: No go. The
list goes on and on. Suffice it to say, we tried, we really, really
tried (and we're still trying) to limit end-user access as much as
possible. But success has proven elusive. (Note: I'm not the 'doze
guru. I'm going by what little I know and what those who are supposed
to know tell me.)


What's wrong with Power User only?
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