RE: [fw-wiz] Info Request: Looking for alternatives in HA/Load balancing firewalls that are also scalable and modular. . .

On Fri, 7 Apr 2006 16:06:42 -0400, "Paul Melson" <pmelson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sounds like a big firewall. I'm curious, though, as to why load-balancing
is a requirement. My experience has been that an appropriately-sized
firewall as part of a fail-over pair is more reliable and performs better
than a comparable load-balanced firewall.

I'd say that's really implementation specific. I can see why this would be the case, but that really depends on the actual solution.

The only other firewall vendor I can think of that does (or at least
to do) load-balancing is Symantec Enterprise Firewall. However, you may
also want to look at third-party load-balancing solutions like Radware
FireProof or Foundry ServerIron.

StoneSoft StoneGate has really neat clustering with dynamic re-distribution of load etc. They also used to do deliver load balancing solutions for Checkpoint for a long time.

-- Jan

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