Re: [fw-wiz] Assessment Of GoToMyPC vs. Network Security

They way we handle this is by blocking at
our proxy server.

GoToMyPC does offer a service that blocks access from your external
addresses and this is available to anyone for free. I found this out
will doing a trial on GoToMyPC Corporate.

I work for a Hospital. The Doctors are not our employees, but have
their own private practice. They've requested to have access to the
medical records at their offices. For our peace of mind, we wanted
something that gives us control of who and what happens and GoToMyPC
Corporate fits the bill.

It allows me to control printing, file transfers, cutting and pasting
and other settings. As mentioned before, I can have any traffic from my
network to only got to our corporate account, preventing any user from
trying to set up a host on our network, or to try to go to a personal
or pro account.

This may be OT, but I hope this helps others.
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