[fw-wiz] PIX to PIX VPN from within a private network.


I have a PIX at home and would like to connect via site to site VPN
to the PIX at work which I also maintain.

The problem I think I may run into is I have a private network between the internet router and my internal home PIX. The segment between the internet router and the internal PIX is, the outside interface of the PIX is numbered

I'll try my hand at drawing this out:


(inside int int >>

or in simple:

INTERNAL-HOME-NETW(internet routable) >> ROUTER >> PIX >> INTERNET

Can I set up a site to site vpn, apply the config to the external interface of the pix( and be able to connect work's PIX without issues (due to the fact would not be routeable on the internet)?

I hope I'm being clear in what I'm after. I envision the PIX at work trying to connect back to

thanks in advance,


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