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My company recently purchased a Cisco PIX-520. I am unfamiliar

Purchased? Then it must habe been damned cheap. :-)
The PIX-520 is out of support from mid this year.

with these machines. During the boot process I get the following
message. I am not sure what the issue is. Is it the Flash Card (the
bios lists it as obsolete)? Is it the PIX software, could an update be

The flash card is P/N 86997. It appears that it is 2MB.

PIX-OS 6.x requires a 16 MB flash card.

So for PIX-OS 6.x get a 16MB flash card, or exchange your PIX-520 for an
PIX-515e or PIX-525, or even better go for an ASA-5510 Sec+ or ASA-5520.
Then you can use PIX-OS 7.x (IOS-like CLI)

If you want to stay with your PIX and Flash, then go for PIX-OS 5.x or 4.x.

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Scott Geer

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