Re: [fw-wiz] "firewalls are obsolete" rant

I still have to ask why everyone is an admin on their local machine,
but beyond that I'm also wondering why you would spend the extra time
and money on an IRC client/environment at all. If the communications
are to be kept within the company, MS provides free software to do
that and you don't have to open it up to the 'Net. Here they install
Messenger on every system. You're not allowed off-network and can only
add users from AD.

If you do need to include folks from off the network then why not use
one of the new whiz-bang web sites? Every vendor I've dealt with in
the last couple of years has either installed their own or has rented
time from a third-party.

IRC isn't all that efficient at sharing ideas anyway - can't see how
anyone could make a business case for it.

On 1/30/06, Paul Melson <pmelson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Subject: RE: [fw-wiz] "firewalls are obsolete" rant
> Being honest, if I had it to do over again, I would've fought harder to keep
> it out.  What we came up with* mitigates the threat of bots and other
> unauthorized clients getting back to an irc server outside our network, but
> we wasted lots of time and energy to get there, all so a handful of people
> didn't have to use e-mail to collaborate.  And since I can audit the
> conversations that take place, I also know how much it's used.  We're still
> "upside-down" on the value proposition that was used to argue for it.
> PaulM
> * Happy to talk about this off-list if you're still in need of ideas.
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