Re: [fw-wiz] "firewalls are obsolete" rant

On 1/26/06, Jim Seymour <jseymour@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> He actually has what sounds like a reasonable, work-related reason for
> wanting to access a technically-related IRC network/channel.  I told
> him if he wanted to use a Unix/Linux client approved by I.T., we could
> discuss it.  But no client/desktop systems, particularly those from a
> Certain Large Software Company, and *certainly* no client/desktop
> systems over which the end-user has admin rights.
> I wonder if there's a *good* IRC proxy out there that will block DCC
> for me...?
> Jim

If your IT department approves of users being local admins, why would
you trust them to know anything about IRC clients?

It's fun to poke at MS, I guess, but it should be done with a sharp
stick if you want approval for it. Frankly, I'm blown away by all of
the updates that my laptop has gotten from novell just since the last
release - and from the looks of bugtraq, its not any better for any of
the other distributions. Begs the question, what OS are you running
that makes your IRC safer than mine - or your user's? Considering that
its providing the same services, and most of the exploits I've read
about require a user to do soemthing, I don't see the OS as that big
of a security hole - as usual its the user...and in this case, your IT
group is an accomplice.
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