RE: [fw-wiz] "firewalls are obsolete" rant

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Subject: [fw-wiz] "firewalls are obsolete" rant

> .and i'd like to agree, current firewalls ARE obsolete, but what comes
> - firewalls are obsolete because of intelligent patch management
 > proven bullshit
> - firewals are obsolete because of UTMs
> proven bullshit
> - firewalls are obsolete beacuse of IPS
> most terrible, yet proven, bullshit
> so they are, but there is noting better still :-(

<semantics rant>
Then, by definition, they are *not* obsolete.  They may not live up to
expectations, but until something better comes along and they fall out of
common use, they cannot be obsolete.
</semantics rant>

Anyway, firewalls in all their shapes and sizes are here for the long haul.
Their features may get integrated into various other elements of the
infrastructure at different levels, but we will never not need the kinds of
access control and policy enforcement on our networks that firewalls perform


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