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On 1/25/06, Marcus J. Ranum <mjr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Brian Loe wrote:
> >Where I work, I'm not sure how we could do it. We're a transactions
> >company, and do thousands and thousands (and more at times) a second.
> Would you like to think about that for maybe a second?? Logging
> an event is, what, thousands of times less CPU and I/O intensive
> than executing a transaction?? So how can you say that you're
> not sure how to do something that's _easier_ than what you are
> already doing??

To run the transactions they have a VERY large mainframe. To collect
logging I'm lucky to have gotten (since they got it for free
themselves) a pseries running linux. Slight difference.

> Sure, it's not something you'd want to handle with lightweight
> tools or slow interpreted programming languages, but you are
> not talking about spine-crushing data rates.

Without the sarcasm I fully understand what you are saying. But you
don't have to convince me, I have to convince my management - which
doesn't see a problem. They're running debug on every device they own
right now, they're just not logging it, tracking it, analyzing it..or
anything else with it - until there's a problem. You're stating that
they have to spend money - at least for disk space. I'd be laughed
at...unless IBM or Cisco can do it with a "device".

> Syslog definitely has problems with high rates of input. See:
> but it's mostly due to UDP output queue overruns.

I'll take a look...

> It's not a hardware problem... But - wait - you said "database"?
> Please tell me you weren't trying to stick that much data into
> a SQL database with indexes on your tables and an interpreted
> query/optimizer engine on top of all that? If so, I'm not surprised
> it didn't work -- but that's not a "logging is hard" problem that is
> a "using a relational database for a write-heavy application is
> the wrong tool" problem.

I didn't realize what I was getting into, firstly. Secondly, what good
does the data do if you can't "do" anything with it? Without a system
to at least *help* you analyze it you're simply swimming in quicksand,
flailing in fact.

> > With that much data, and 98% of it being useless, you kind have
> >to ask yourself, "what's the point?"
> I don't ask myself that. Because I don't agree that 98% of it is
> useless. It's probably closer to 99.99999% of it is useless.
> Except for the one or two lines that you might someday
> really, really need.

Some day, somewhere, something like that might happen. Building a
business case for purchases on that line of reasoning doesn't work so
good though. If you know of a better way of doing this that doesn't
cost money, I'm all ears and management, well, they won't care either

> That's the problem, then. You're assuming that your IDS is going
> to know how to detect some site-specific hack that only works
> against you. That's what the logging is for. It's for figuring out
> what happened after it's too late.

That's a good point - and one I hadn't though of. As for IDS, I
personally think its a mostly useless tool - especially the way they
have it implemented here.

> Sometimes being able to
> determine if the customer database got out because of a SQL
> injection attack through log examination can be quite
> useful if management is otherwise convinced the problem is
> an insider.. I once spent a few happy weeks poring through
> 40 gigs of transaction log data (yeah, 3 days' worth...) trying
> to identify traces of a hithertofore unknown DOS attack. At
> stake were a bunch of sysadmins' jobs. It was a very
> intellectually stimulating mission.

What did you use to pour through it? You have to be able to load that
40 gigs of data, or break it up into something semi-coherent, and then
you have to be able to scan it quickly enough to get it done within
the year but not so quick you miss something...

> Well, see, what you'd normally do is actually _think_ about
> the problem a little bit - not just jump into it half-assed.
> Most of the commercial logging tools are aimed at attempting
> to "do everything" but you pay a lot for that - if you actually
> know what you want to do, you can do it for not a whole lot.

Tell me d(&#$#!!! The how is what I'm obviously missing...

> > - we ever passed and we still got
> >hacked because we didn't hire a new engineer to review the data
> >streaming out of the system and therefore see the new exploit in time
> >to shut it down.
> If you are stupid about how you deploy technology, you
> will usually get stupid results. Try explaining that to your
> boss. No - wait - don't.

Yeah, that would be a mistake.

I don't want to be stupid about it, but outside of this list, you
don't hear anything but the marketing buzz on the latest "device" to
make the world a safer, happier place (and NSA compliant).
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