RE: [fw-wiz] False results to DMZ

Hello David,

with firewalls or other security devices between scanner and target
you have always a Problem with malformed IP-Packets. The behaviour
depends on firewall-settings.

Please check the behavior in your case with tcpdump. I assume
that your pix first pretends that all ports are open and if
the Ack-Flag is received ( which never comes with the syn-scan ),
the real connection was established and if fails, the RST-Flag
comes back. This behaviour was one kind of protection against
SYN-Flood attacks .

Try the following:
Connection to an open port with telnet ( telnet <target> <portnum> )
With tcpdump you shoul see the normal three-way handshake

Connection to a unavail port/host
If you thee the three-way handshake with an additional RST Packet,
you know, it works like described above.

Therefore you have to use the tcp-connect() scan to check your systems.

- Ralf

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> Subject: [fw-wiz] False results to DMZ
> First off, the DMZ is setup with virtual interfaces (PIX), and the
> scanning source is inside. The firewall allows anything IP from this
> scanner. If I scan most of the DMZ's, I get normal results,
> with all of
> the scans.
> Using NMAP, If I scan one specific DMZ, I only get results
> with the SYN
> scan and TCP window scans, AND it says every port is open (what the
> firewall allows). Cisco support is not being helpful. Does anyone have
> any idea why this is? It's weird. Im trying to automate Nessus against
> the DMZ servers, and its giving too many false positives about open
> ports.
> I have taken packet traces, and the only thing weird is that I am
> getting an ACK back for eveyr port, but they are Zero Window
> (TCP Window
> Scan brings back every port open).
> Any ideas?
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