Re: [fw-wiz] RE: In defense of non standard ports

Bill Royds wrote the following on 24.01.2006 01:32:
> As a postscript, when I managed a corporate firewall, I found that a number of
> sites and applications were trying to pass arbitrary traffic through HTTPS by
> just believing that it would not be examined by an application proxy more than
> checking the headers. Our particular firewall (Symantec SEF) actually had an
> HTTPS proxy and complained that the handshake was not correct and refused it.

Perhaps the confusion arose because HTTPS uses the HTTP CONNECT method,
which requests a simple TCP transport. AFAIK, there is nothing
HTTPS-specific to this method, though it is probably most often used for
HTTPS -- one other application that uses it is rsync. Of course, if your
policy allows only HTTP and HTTPS via the firewall, it is behaving
correctly in refusing the other traffic.

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