Re: [fw-wiz] FW appliance comparison - Seeking input for the forum

On 1/18/06, Paul Melson <pmelson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Subject: [fw-wiz] FW appliance comparison - Seeking input for the forum
> > I'd like to ask the forum for any input (good or bad) on a comparison
> between the Cisco ASA
> > 5510 and the Symantec SGS 5620 ...
> >
> > We're looking to replace our current firewall setup with an appliance type
> approach.

(many) appliances tend to be marketing led. I mean, the reasoning
behind developing the products comes from the marketing people rather
than techies. There are vendors out there that will sell you anti-spam
on firewall if you really want all-in-one boxes. Why would you want an
IDS on the same machine as a firewall? Its not going to work. It will
not have enough signatures to give you the sort of security you need.


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