RE: [fw-wiz] VPN Design - is it possible

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Subject: [fw-wiz] VPN Design - is it possible

> My question is : is it possible to have 2 separate VPN connection to the
same SITE ( looking
> from B,C,D,E point of view - they would see the LAN behind SITE A using 2
separate IPSec
> tunnels)? Has anyone done or seen anything similar? Do you have a better
plan using the
> given, options??

You cannot have two tunnels on a single PIX that have the same crypto map
match access-list. However, if I understand your diagram correctly, you
shouldn't need to do this. You should be able to configure the two external
routers at Site A to create a redundant path to one of the firewalls there.
More here:

If you need device failover for the firewalls at Site A, you're going to
have to upgrade to 515's or better.


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