[fw-wiz] [Administrivia] Backlog, Vacations...

Iv'e finally cleared the backlog of old stuff out of the queue, so if you
submitted something and it didn't make it through, either:

(a) It was in HTML, and we don't allow active content on the list. If it
was submitted in the last ~30 days you should get a message to resubmit
it. I hate doing these rejections, as they generally take 2-3 rounds so
they always go to the back of the queue.

(b) It was too basic/inappropriate/something else. If it was recent, then
you should have a specific note in your inbox.

It's getting to be holiday vacation time, please ensure you have any
autoresponders set to not reply to messages with Precedence: bulk or list
as a header, it's appreciated.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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