RE: [fw-wiz] 7.0 Pix software capabilities

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Date: 11/03/05

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    Subject: [fw-wiz] 7.0 Pix software capabilities

    > Does anyone know if software version 7.0 has the ability to transfer the
    mac address of a
    > device on the outside interface to the inside secure interface without
    altering it.
    > I have a need to put a pix between a public wireless network and my
    network gateway which
    > requires the mac address of the user to determine if they are new member
    trying to attach
    > to the gateway.
    > Those of you who travel can think of how such a system word work in a
    hotel environment.

    PIX v7.0 has a "transparent firewall" mode where it acts as a bridging
    firewall (no NAT, and therefore no proxy ARP). This should work for what
    you describe.


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