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Date: 11/02/05

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    If you are buying a NEW PIX-515E-R-DMZ-BUN it should come with 64MB. Cisco
    has been shipping all 515s with the appropriate amount of memory to support
    7.0 for sometime now.

    The image is not free. You need a maintenance contract with Cisco for the
    rights to download software updates.

    Occaisaonally, Cisco will make patch releases available for free, but for
    upgrades you will need a maintenance contract.

    No way to anticipate what the hardware requirements will be for future
    software upgrades.


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    Hey All,

    Quick questions here. I'm planning to buy PIX-515E-R-DMZ-BUN (which comes
    with 32MB RAM). I also want to use PIX OS v7.x. I read that I'll need 64MB
    of RAM to support 7.x, in "Minimum Memory Requirements":

    So I'll also buy PIX-515-MEM-32.

    1. Will purchasing PIX-515E-R-DMZ-BUN and PIX-515-MEM-32 be enough to get
    PIX OS 7.x going? The image is freely downloadable from, right?

    2. What kind of software upgrade limitations should I expect in the future?
    How is it determined if I can upgrade to 8.x, 9.x, etc? Is it free?

    3. Can I always count on free security patches, or is there a license I

    Kind regards,

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