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From: Daniel Linder (
Date: 11/01/05

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    Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 10:32:31 -0600 (CST)

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    On Mon, October 24, 2005 04:48, Felice Gaiba wrote:

    > My name is Felix,

    > I have a problem, I possible configure a PIX 515 for this

    [ASCII picture removed...]

    > Is necessary for me using Internet 1 Router if Internet 2 Router or

    > is down and viceversa.....

    > And, certain PC exit from Internet 2 and another from internet 1.

    > The Software in a PIX is Version 6.3

    Your basic setup is that you have two Cisco routers, each connected to
    their own Internet connection, and a Cisco PIX firewall.  Your
    drawing has the "inside" interface of each Cisco router going to
    a different port on the PIX firewall -- this will make things much more
    difficult to setup since those two interfaces will have two different
    security levels.

    My first thought is to put the two routers and the Pix outside port into a
    single switch and configure HSRP and BGP (IBGP?) between the two
    routers.  This will allow the PIX to use the HSRP address to get out,
    regardless of the actual state of either router.  Furthermore, BGP
    can then be configured to watch the Internet links status and when one
    goes down it will remove the affected routes from the shared routing

    It's been a while since I have had to set this up, and the size of your
    routers and/or your ISPs features might be a limiting factor for the BGP
    setup.  HSRP should be configurable on nearly any Cisco router from
    what I remember.


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