RE: [fw-wiz] Pix VPN endpoint and split-tunnel

From: Charlie Winckless (
Date: 10/17/05

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    To: "Hughes, Chris" <>
    Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 09:48:55 -0600

    On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 11:23 -0400, Hughes, Chris wrote:
    > That's pretty much what I read. I thought they may have provided a fix
    > by now. As for the workarounds, this is for a business partner network
    > and I've already presented them with the "spend" option and they don't
    > want to.

    This whole 'no out the same interface' game is why I really dislike
    a PIX for VPN termination. Even a cheap router is a good call. (1801).

    Its much cheaper than an ASA, can hang off another interface, etc.

    (Of course -- I work for a Cisco partner; I'm biased. :) )

    > Another reply I got here from Simon expressed the possibility that PIX
    > 7.x supports this. (split horizon?)
    PIX 7.0 supports hub and spoke VPN routing, but only hub and spoke; I
    don't think you can generically turn around and send data UNENCRYPTED
    out of the same interface it came in -- only encrypted.

    > Anybody?
    > - Chris
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    > Subject: [fw-wiz] Pix VPN endpoint and split-tunnel
    > > I am trying to configure a cisco pix as a vpn endpoint for the cisco
    > vpn
    > client and
    > > would like to force the client to use the corporate network for
    > internet
    > access. I
    > > don't want to allow split-tunnel. I cant find any info on how to do
    > this.
    > Is split
    > > tunnel the only way to give a vpn client internet access once they are
    > connected?
    > The short answer is yes. PIX-fu rule #1: the PIX is not a router. It
    > can't
    > take traffic that arrives on one interface and pass it back out that
    > same
    > interface, even when the traffic arrives via VPN tunnel. That said, you
    > can
    > sort of solve this problem by having the clients use a proxy server
    > while
    > connected via full tunnel. There may or may not be an elegant way to
    > automate this for your road warriors, but this would really be
    > independent
    > of anything the PIX or VPN client do. (Think login scripts, Group
    > Policy,
    > etc.)
    > If it's a big enough issue that you're willing to spend time and
    > resources
    > on it, I would recommend looking at the VPN3K concentrators (or ASA
    > 5500?).
    > They can do exactly what you're asking for, plus they possess a number
    > of
    > other features for managing VPN client users that the PIX doesn't have.
    > (Like dynamic VPN profile assignment via RADIUS.)
    > PaulM
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