[fw-wiz] Mitigating MS risks [Was: home users]

From: Tina Bird (tbird_at_precision-guesswork.com)
Date: 09/14/05

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    > It can be done. I've seen it with my own eyes.

    it may have gotten lost in the flurry of messages, but i'll post it again:

    another thing i should add to that short list. if you're a home user and you
    don't use MS networking for file or printer sharing -- which i'd still like
    to think is the case in most places -- you can disable the windoze "client
    for MS networks" and completely avoid an awful lot of the mindless ravening
    crap on the net.

    even during the height of blaster and sasser, just turning off the client --
    without using ANY firewall, and with a public routable IP address -- makes
    it safe to hit windows update. i did it several times, just to prove to
    myself that it worked, during the blaster rampage.

    this has become yet another of my favorite things to do.

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