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From: Andrew K. Adams (akadams_at_psc.edu)
Date: 08/29/05

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    Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 14:26:02 -0400

    Is anyone aware of any *disadvantages* of layer 2 firewalls?

    Current marketing seems to be pushing layer 2 firewalls mostly, as far as I
    can tell, to reduce the possibility of the device being compromised (no ip
    address.) And it seems to me, that any network using a media of Ethernet
    could (and should?) be doing this, unless of course, they needed the device
    to perform layer 3 or 4 utility (e.g., NAT), additionally.

    I readily admit that I don't possess "link layer" expertise, and thus, I
    suspect that I must be missing something further, if layer 2 firewalls are
    indeed a trade-off.



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