[fw-wiz] VOIP versus PBX

From: Yehuda Goldenberg (Yehuda_at_nj.essutton.com)
Date: 07/15/05

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    Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 09:40:52 -0400

    Our company is looking to replace an antiquated phone system.

    I was leaning towards using a traditional PBX, because I figured that it
    would be more reliable and it wouldn't be subject to the problems of IP

    One vendor is trying to get me to change my mind about that. He claims
    that we can keep the voice and data networks completely separate by
    running vlans. The IP phones have vlan switches on them and one wire can
    be run to each desk and the pc and the phone can be on separate vlans.

    I was concerned that problems on the data network such as viruses would
    still bring down the whole thing, and in addition to the pcs not
    working, the phones wouldn't work either and it would be total mayhem.
    He says that QOS would make sure that the phone calls always go through
    even if the data network is completely dead.

    I was also concerned that the VOIP system would mean every call - even
    desk-to-desk would go through the internet and if the T1 to the internet
    goes down, the phones don't work. His answer to that was redundant T1
    links, and since they are the ISP and the VOIP provider, they will give
    us a reliable network that won't go down. Also all the VOIP equipment on
    their end is redundant.


    What else do I have to worry about with VOIP? Is VOIP ready to replace
    PBX yet, or is it too new?


    Any help would be appreciated.



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