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From: Chris Byrd (
Date: 07/08/05

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    To: Dave Null <>
    Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 08:57:05 -0500

    Many APs support 802.1x with dynamic VLAN membership. This means that
    authenticated users get into a internal access VLAN (still should be
    seperated from the internal network by firewall - this is the
    firewalls list after all), non-authenticated users get an Internet
    access VLAN. You can use queueing techniques to rate-limit the

    A captive portal would allow you to make guests sign off on acceptable
    use terms before giving them access.

    - Chris

    On 7/7/05, Dave Null <> wrote:
    > Its not firewall related, but there's some smart minds on this list.
    > My company has started looking into campus-wide WiFi. I'll keep my
    > personal feeling on this to myself though. One thing that keeps
    > comming up is that one of the largest user communities that would take
    > advantage of this would be non-employees. Vendors, Salesmen, people
    > meeting with GMs/VPs/Execs are probably going to be the main users of
    > this. My question is, if you currently have a similar situation in
    > your work environment, how do you handle granting these people
    > temp/guest WiFi access.
    > Access controls for employees can be fairly stringent (i.e. only
    > connect from company owned assets who's MAC is inventoried, use of 2
    > factor authentication, etc), but a lot of this isnt applicable for
    > temporary visitors. I know one company that would give you a WiFi card
    > when you signed in that was in their database of 'allowed' MAC
    > addresses (I know, dont get me started on MAC spoofing), however I
    > would bet cash money that those cards walked away regularly. Similar
    > thing with issuing a temporary token fob (SecureID or the like).
    > I know the easy answer here is 'Dont give them WiFi access', but I
    > don't think that is going to be an option. Thoughts, comments, flames?
    > -noid
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