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From: Jim Seymour (
Date: 06/30/05

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    Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:26:42 -0400 (EDT)

    "Brian Loe" <> wrote:
    > >From the LangaList - pretty sad it has to be said. Posting since it might
    > have some relevance to previous posts about DSL wireless routers supplied by
    > ISPs.

    I'm reminded of when I first went looking for DSL service. I was on
    the phone with tech. support, asking about the DSL device I would
    get--whether it was a router, with packet-filtering capability, or a
    bridge. Answer: Bridge. Me (horrified): "But that means your
    customers' PeeCees are exposed directly to the Internet, their
    back-sides hangin' out in the breeze, with no protection at all!" Tech:
    "Yeah, but they don't know the difference, and wouldn't know what to do
    about it even if they did." Nice attitude. Needless to say, *that*
    ISP did not get my business.

    I soon found out that ISP's attitude was common. "Oh boy, *this* is
    gonna be a disaster," I thought. Little did I know how right I was.

    > It's obviously not in AOL's interest to advertise their LACK of
    > security, all the while advertising their improved security.

    I had to dig, and dig hard, to get down to (up to?) a level of tech.
    support that could answer my router/bridge question. It's not that the
    sales droid and 1st-line tech. support people wouldn't answer my
    questions, they *couldn't* answer them. They didn't understand what I
    was talking about.

    > Oh, jeez---- if anything, AOL members need more protection than others!

    Which may explain why AOL is doing what they're doing--whatever that

    So, you take a common consumer/residential broadband connection, which
    has no protection at all, add a wireless AP, configured, by default, in
    open mode, add an electronic petri dish or two, and what do you have?


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