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Date: 06/22/05

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    Pretty soon the fed might realize it's losing money printing all that fancy
    cash and one day say, "hey, that national ID card has a magnetic strip on

    That way, next time you're pulled over they can just debit your national ID
    card for the ticket right there and send you on your way. Speed up the hands
    of justice...

    > If we return to the gold standard, or "cash 'n' carry"..
    > Some of these issues would alleviate themselves. How many
    > people do you know go around with less than $10.00 in their
    > wallet and just carry plastic. As a society we have become
    > dependent plastic items with mag stripes on the back. How
    > many people go to gas stations that only accept cash ?? How
    > many 7-11's are starting to question if you open up your
    > wallet and pay for your items in cash?? But yet, still have
    > the markings on the door to get a possible or potential
    > assailants height.
    > Pretty soon, one could be punished for cutting up their
    > credit cards just as the mattress people warn us not to
    > remove the tag.

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