Re: [fw-wiz] Password Recovery IP330

From: Jim MacLeod (
Date: 06/16/05

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    To: Mark Sargent <>
    Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 09:30:46 -0700

    This is a fun one.

    Connect the console cable (null modem, 5-pin, not 3-pin) and turn on the
    IP330. Watch it as it boots: there's a 5 second window during which it
    tells you to press a key to enter the bootmanager. Note that if you
    don't see anything during pre-OS boot, you need to use a different
    terminal emulator. Frustratingly, Hyperterm tends to work, whereas
    "better" emulators don't.

    Once you're in the boot manager, boot the OS in single user mode: "boot -s"

    When you get a shell prompt, execute "/etc/overpw" to delete the
    previous admin password. Now exit the shell (^-D, logout, exit, etc)
    and the system will boot to multi-user mode, its normal operating state.

    At this point, the recommended procedure is to access the system configs
    via Voyager to set the new admin password. If you don't know the IP
    address of the box, logging into it can be problematic, so logging in
    via the command line and running "ifconfig -a" to get that information
    is a good idea.

    Note that simply setting the admin password from the command line via
    the unix passwd command is insufficient, as the system config files are
    dynamically generated at run time from Nokia's config database. You
    will have to set the new admin password via Voyager to make it stick.



    Mark Sargent wrote:

    > Hi All,
    > I'm able to access an IP330, but, can't access due to not knowing the
    > password. Can't find anything specific on the net for this. Anyone
    > know how to reset the password.? Cheers.
    > Mark Sargent.
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