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Date: 06/05/05

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    Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 12:50:48 -0500

    Has no one here gotten further with their boss in security discussions since
    SOX was passed? I have found that in my current position, SOX is pretty much
    all I have to mention to get an immediate response, and a friend, working as
    a mid-level manager himself, was constantly spammed by his boss in regards
    to SOX compliance.

    To be honest, I'm new to SOX so I don't even understand everything that it
    involves, but it seems those responsible for information security can be
    held personally responsible. That's a level of accountability that I might
    not completely agree with in terms of my philosophy on government, but its
    one that we should all consider a good start, right?

    > >But I've paid for that. Two months ago he did a performance
    > appraisal
    > >on me, giving me the first "unsatisfactory" rating I've
    > received in 26
    > >years of working for the university. I'm on probabtion and having to
    > >document literally every minute of my day. Not that it will make any
    > >difference - I fully expect to be unemployed when my
    > contract expires in August.
    > >
    > >This is the price I'm paying for *not* being a "sissy".
    > That sucks! I mean, it is quite possible he is just the
    > breed of pencil-neck career-monkey that occur so often in the
    > wild and you would never be able to live with him, anyway,
    > but this is precisely the kind of situation that occurs again
    > and again and grinds us down as a group. Of course it's
    > grinding you now specificially, but I bet you a bottle of
    > Jameson's that you end up making more money this time next
    > year than you are now (and maybe more than your petty boss
    > :-) and enjoy your work more.
    > I've been following the accountability thread, and it occurs
    > to me that the one thing we desparately lack is the ability
    > to deliver good practices that people can follow and be held
    > accountable for following. In a Perfect World it would be a
    > piece of paper that Scott could take to his boss's boss and
    > say "I insisted we follow this, as is my responsibility, and
    > Rung Lemur here is all pissy about it."

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