Re: [fw-wiz] Problem with Mac and PIX Firewall

From: Chuck Swiger (
Date: 06/04/05

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    To: slytle <>
    Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 15:13:19 -0400

    On Jun 4, 2005, at 10:19 AM, slytle wrote:
    > I am trying to hook up a mac running OSX 10.3.9 to the DMZ on our
    > PIX Firewall. When I put in any internal 10. IP address, the Mac
    > warns me that this IP address is in use by another device with the
    > MAC Address of the firewall. It does this with multiple machines,
    > multiple IP addresses, and OS9. It does not happen with Windows.
    > I'm totally lost. Any ideas?

    MacOS X tries pretty hard to make sure that it doesn't claim an IP
    which is in use. Maybe the PIX is getting confused by the ARP check
    and responding when it shouldn't?

    Run "tcpdump -en" on the Mac, then try to set the IP address again.
    That should tell you what's going on, although if you need help in
    the fine art of understanding tcpdump's output, put that information
    somewhere and we can take a look...

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