[fw-wiz] Problem with Mac and PIX Firewall

From: slytle (slytle_at_mac.com)
Date: 06/04/05

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    To: firewall-wizards@honor.icsalabs.com
    Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 10:19:14 -0400

    I'm new to this list and have a strange problem. I tried this about 2
    years ago and switched to Windows because I couldn't fix it, but
    wanted top give it another try.

    I am trying to hook up a mac running OSX 10.3.9 to the DMZ on our PIX
    Firewall. When I put in any internal 10. IP address, the Mac warns me
    that this IP address is in use by another device with the MAC Address
    of the firewall. It does this with multiple machines, multiple IP
    addresses, and OS9. It does not happen with Windows. I'm totally
    lost. Any ideas?


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