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Date: 05/03/05

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    If you mistrust internal users, I think you may be better served by looking
    at EAP or some other sort of network access control (gee, I wonder if
    somebody's branded that term... :-) that could address any rogue equipment
    or users. It's just as feasible that an outside contractor, a guest, an
    untrustworthy employee, or even a cunning criminal could get past physical
    security and connect to your wired network and have their way with your
    data that way. Even within the parameters of corporate security policies,
    this type of thing represents a real threat. All of the network-based worm
    exposures I've seen at (insert current employer here) were caused by laptops
    brought in by (insert high-profile audit firm, now removed from approved
    infosec vendor list here).

    Anyway, nmap -sS -O -p23,80,443 can identify rogues from the wired side,
    since it can fingerprint about a dozen different AP types.


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      I am going to have to take a multifaceted approach to this I believe, we
    have a very aggressive security posture here, we mistrust our internal users
    just as much as external users, and have a very tight filtering system, at
    the wire and application level, but I am paranoid, so I will keep going

      If anyone has any experience with scanners (preferrably open source) which
    are good at ferreting out rogue APs I would be gratefull for pointers.

      Again, many thanks to all!

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