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From: Seguridad en Computo - UNAM (seguridad_at_seguridad.unam.mx)
Date: 04/11/05

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                           Computer Security Mexico 2005

                                Palacio de Mineria
                             May 26th - May 27th, 2005

                                 Mexico City, Mexico


     Since 1994, Mexico has participated of this celebration through the
     Computer Security Department and UNAM-CERT.

     The goal of Computer Security 2005 Mexico is to create awareness among
     the computer user community about security strategies and mechanisms used
     to protect information systems. Since 1994, Mexico has been organizing
     this great event through the Computer Security Department at UNAM.

     Computer Security 2005 will be an event for all the people who are
     involved in the use, design and administration of computer systems and
     internet community.

                               Keynote Speakers

            * Paul Vixie
              Founder & Chairman of Internet Software Consortium

            * Steve Crocker
              CEO, Steve Crocker Associates, LLC and Executive DSL, LLC

            * Hank Nussbacher
              Independent Networking Consultant

            * Dr. Alejandro Pisanty
              Computo Academico, UNAM
              ICANN Board of Directors

            * Rebecca Gurley Bace
                Infidel, Inc.

            * Erick Greenberg
              Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of NetFrameworks, Inc.

            * Ralph Logan
              Honeynet Research Alliance

            * Liliana Solha
              CAIS/RNP, Brazil

            * Jason Milletary

            * Francisco Monserrat
              RedIRIS, España

            * Jacomo Dimmit Boca Piccolini
              CAIS/RNP, Brazil

            * Juan Carlos Guel Lopez
              Departamento de Seguridad en Computo/UNAM-CERT


                                 Who should attend ?

        * System administrators who are interested in Computer Security.

        * People working in the field of Computer Security who do handle Computer
          Security incidents.

        * Anybody interested in Computer Security and wants to meet
          another interested people. This event will help him or her improve
          security programs, plans, and tools by listening to the speakers and by
          sharing and interacting with the attendees.

        * People who want to establish incident response teams.

        * Anybody who has a particular interest in network security, monitoring
          tools, intrusion detection and firewalls.

        * Managers of enterprises who are interested in secure transactions via
          the Internet and that need to improve the security of their systems.


                                Why should you assist?

     Because it is the opportunity to find out about what is being developed in
     the computer security field and it is also a chance to share your own
     experience and interests with people of the field.

     You can learn about how to manage and respond to computer security incidents
     without exposing your resources.


            The official Language for the conference Programn will be English
      and Spanish.

                               Important Dates

            Trainning and workshops : May 20th - May 25 th

            Conferences: May 26th and May 27th, 2005

                                 Further Information:

             * Web: http://congreso.seguridad.unam.mx

            * e-mail: congreso@seguridad.unam.mx

            * Address:

                    Departamento de Seguridad en Cómputo/UNAM-CERT
                    Dirección General de Cómputo Académico
                    Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria 04510
                    México, D.F. México
                    Phone : (52) 56 22 81 69 and (52) 56 85 22 29
                    Fax : (52) 56 22 80 43

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    Departamento Seguridad en Computo
    DGSCA, UNAM E-mail:seguridad@seguridad.unam.mx
    Circuito Exterior, C. U. Tel.: 5622-81-69 Fax: 5622-80-43
    Del. Coyoacan WWW: http://www.seguridad.unam.mx
    04510 Mexico D. F. WWW: http://www.cert.org.mx

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