[fw-wiz] SSL VPN vs. IPSec VPN

From: Joe Mazzotti (jmazzotti_at_mercyhousing.org)
Date: 03/15/05

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    Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 16:07:20 -0700

    Greetings all,

         I'd like to get some opinions on the pro's and con's of using an
    SSL VPN vs. using IPSec VPN for remote access to our corporate office.
    The idea is to eliminate 3rd party software and use a web based VPN
    solution to lower support cost. Our options (aside from keeping our
    current IPSec software and VPN concentrator) are to use the web based
    VPN on the concentrator (Cisco VPN3000 series) or use SSL VPN.

    Does anyone have any links to decent articles comparing IPSec to SSL
    based VPN security? What are your opinions?


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